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Health and Safety Consultants in Leeds, Bradford and the Yorkshire Area

SMSE Health and Safety Consultants are based near Leeds and have been established for 25 years.  We are one of the longest established independent Health and Safety Consultancies in the North of England. We have been providing Health and Safety Consultancy in Leeds, Bradford and Yorkshire throughout that time and provide a bespoke personal Health and Safety advice service to all our customers. We are small enough to care, yet large enough to cope.

Our Health and Safety Consultants provide a first class service and are registered on the Health and Safety Executives Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register.

We provide a wide range of Health and Safety Training courses, which can be held at your premises or at another venue. Our open IOSH Managing Safety Course held in Leeds, Yorkshire are particularly successful. Please visit our Book Training page to see the full range of courses coming up. 

Our approach is to not only help you identify your Health and Safety objectives, but also assist you in achieving them.

To start your journey with us and talk about your needs, or obtain a quotation, please fill in the contact form below, or CALL US NOW on 0845 224 0028

Health and Safety Consultants

If you're looking for Health and Safety Consultants that work with your business to achieve measurable results and improvements in your Health and Safety Management,  SMSE can help.

Health and Safety Consultancy Services

We offer a range of Health and Safety Consultancy services from competent person service to Health and Safety audits.

Our services include:

Our Health and Safety Consultant can also help with on site Risk Assessments for a wide range of hazards including:

  • Machinery Risk Assessments
  • Guarding assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Manual handling & PUWER (Provision Use of Work Equipment Regs)
  • Legionella
  • Workplace transport & LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regs)
  • COSHH & DSEAR (Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regs)

Health and Safety Competent Person Service

Get a dedicated Health and Safety Consultant providing continual support and the latest Health and Safety advice with our Health and Safety Competent Person Service.

Why is health and safety in the workplace so important?

The importance of workplace health and safety must never be overlooked. Workplace health and safety should be a priority for all businesses, with a focus on reducing illnesses, injuries, and health risks in the workplace. 

Though there are several reasons why a health and safety policy in the workplace is so important, arguably the most important aspect to know is that employers who do not follow health and safety regulations risk being prosecuted and can face penalties, business disruptions, and even incarceration.

Employer’s legal duty of care

Workplace health and safety is not only required by law, it is also an important aspect of being a reputable business and employer. This is because it guarantees that your employees will be safe and free from injury or explosion risks as a result of the job in which you have assigned them.

What makes workplace health and safety so essential is that the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 enforces a legal duty of care on you as an employer - although, of course, following health and safety duties is simply a good business practice anyway, regardless of whether it is part of the law. Organisations who disobey this law and don't follow the rules run the risk of losing employees, paying higher recruiting costs, reducing retention rates, and incurring losses. 

Fine and penalties

Although the health and wellbeing of individuals within your workforce should be more essential than money and finances, disobeying health and safety in the workplace can have many financial and legal implications for you and your business.

Infringement of health and safety regulations can result in fines, penalties, and the complete loss of your firm. Employers may face penalties and insurance claims, as well as a loss of income, and ruined work equipment if safety standards and conditions are not maintained effectively. As a result of these legal and financial burdens, your business would suffer from financial losses and restraints that could see your business see its final days, and, of course, leave you without a business and source of income.

Even if your business was fined or punished by the law for not complying with health and safety regulations and were able to keep operating, simply disregarding any of these laws would tarnish your brand’s reputation. This could decrease your sales as you could receive fewer customers, or it could even deter job seekers from wanting to work for you.

Employee safety and trust

Failing to follow safety rules, and refusing to maintain your workplace's health and safety could see your employees and anyone within the workplace eventually wind up with a disease, injury, or even death. 

Anyone involved in your business and the place of work - whether it be staff, customers, or investors - could be at risk of being injured or having their safety compromised if your workplace safety conditions are poor. Injury to workers and individuals is inexcusable in any business, and, therefore workplace health and safety is vital for the health and wellbeing of all employees in all industries.

In the absolute worst possible situation, you may be charged with corporate manslaughter if one of your workers ends up dying at work or in the workplace, which is ultimately the worst outcome imaginable.

The benefits of qualified health and safety personnel on-site

As required by the law, all businesses must hire a ‘responsible’ and qualified individual, or health and safety personnel, to operate as a health and safety officer, whether that person is the company owner, an employee within the business, or an outsider who has been brought in to fulfil the role. 

Having someone in this position helps the company guarantee that all health and safety regulations are being followed and ensures an effective accident reporting procedure can be developed. Moreover, having qualified health and safety personnel on-site has many benefits for you and your employees. 

Key benefits of dedicated H&S personnel

Employee health and safety

The primary duty of the on-site workplace health and safety officer is to minimise and prevent workplace diseases, accidents, and injuries from occurring. 

Workplace health and safety personnel are beneficial to your business, as they are responsible for a wide range of health responsibilities, making sure that the workplace meets rigorous health and safety requirements. They must develop and execute policies and effective procedures that are compliant with the latest regulations, as well as ensure that all workers adhere to them. 

Without these policies, your health and safety conditions at work would be much poorer and less compliant with safety laws and regulations.

Health and safety regulatory compliance

If your company employs five or more employees, you must also develop a written health and safety policy and ensure that it is modified frequently to assess and comply with any changes in the current health and safety legislation. Having competent health and safety personnel on site helps you to correctly follow health and safety requirements, which is useful in protecting your employees from injury, sickness, or any other type of harm in the workplace.

Frequent health and safety inspections

Another benefit of having health and safety personnel on-site is that they will be able to carry out frequent inspections and conduct risk assessments on a regular basis. This will benefit you greatly, as it will allow you to discover any health and safety risks or hazards before they become an issue, as well as help you to reduce the risk or eliminate it altogether. 

Risk profiling is critical for assessing health and safety concerns because it gives you detailed information and directions on how to keep people safe at work and prevent any hazards that could impose serious harm or injury.

Another key responsibility of the health and safety officer that makes them beneficial for your business is the investigation of any workplace occurrences. They keep track of accidents, look into probable reasons, and make modifications as needed.

Employee retention and brand image

You will save money by retaining employees if you maintain health and safety measures in the workplace by having trained health and safety professionals on-site. This will also benefit you by reducing work absences and improving productivity in the workplace. 

The responsibilities of a health and safety officer vary based on the size of the business and the industry sector it operates. Employees can be provided safety training or first-aid training for a variety of emergency procedures and operations by health and safety personnel. A friendly, educated health and safety officer is great for dealing with outside parties to alleviate worries and improve the business’s reputation and image.

Working with SMS Europe’s health and safety consultancy expert

Our health and safety experts have extensive practical expertise and years of experience in a wide range of industries. Throughout our time as an established safety management agency, we've been delivering health and safety consultancy services across the UK, and we provide all of our customers with a tailored health and safety consultant advice service.

Working with SMS Europe’s health and safety consultancy experts can provide your company with both practical and cost-effective health and safety consulting. Covering everything from health and safety audits and basic knowledge to mandatory training and risk assessment courses, we've got you covered. 

We even provide health and safety training courses - an entire range of courses relating to all aspects of health and safety within a variety of business settings. 

We deliver fuss-free health and safety guidance that is easy to follow

As committed health and safety consultants, we focus on offering a technical service that is superior to any other, excellent customer service, and health and safety guidance that you can rely on. 

With evolving guidance and the growth of health and safety case law, health and safety regulations may be tough for some businesses to manage. We are extremely knowledgeable in the Health and Safety Acts of Parliament, Regulations, Subordinate Legislation, and any associated practice standards, guidance notes, and applicable standards that you need to understand in order to conduct your business in accordance with UK Health and Safety rules.

Many businesses and organisations may lack the funds to hire a full-time health and safety manager. Therefore, the option of hiring a health and safety consultant to help you enhance your health and safety standards as well as your compliance with UK health and safety law could be extremely beneficial.

Safety Management Services Europe are specialists in:

Happy Clients


We have used the services of Tony Barron at SMS Europe over the last three years and thanks to his skill and expert knowledge of Health and Safety at work procedure’s our company has started to build a sound basis and structure for the future well-being of all our employees.  SMS Europe keep us fully informed and updated at all times regarding current and future legislation and this is of huge help to us knowing that all of our safety issues are covered at all times.

- Neil Bloor, Managing Director, Coldsaver Panels Ltd

We have been using the services of SMSE for the past five years and have every intention of continuing this excellent working relationship long into the future.
The team at SMSE are extremely knowledgeable, the support and guidance we have received as a company has been above and beyond anything we could have anticipated.
I must single out Tony Barron who has been our appointed H & S consultant for three years, the continuity of service, rapid turnaround of very detailed information and most importantly his understanding of the up to date regulations in this perpetually evolving legislation have been invaluable to us.

- Christian Higgins, Director, Lonsdale Contracts Ltd

We’re a new manufacturer and required an external review of our health & safety processes.  SMSE came in and reviewed our current practise along with our risk assessments and standard operating procedures.  The personal safety of our employees is paramount – despite the bad press health & safety has had I never believe you can have too much health & safety and SMSE had some great suggestions for improvements that were easy to implement. I would thoroughly recommend them.

- Jamie Shuker, Director, Face Theory Cosmetics, Sheffield

Primary Technology has been with SMSE for 6 months and have seen a great deal of progress in our Health and Safety systems in this short space of time.  Andy Langham our H&S Consultant from SMSE is not only very knowledgeable and thorough but his approachability and forward thinking are second to none.  We’re very happy with the service we receive and the quality of the advice we are given. Working with SMSE is like having a specialist member of staff on board that’s only a phone call away

- Josh Freeman Managing Director, Primary Technology Ltd.

We are a family business, established in the 1920’s. We manufacture and sell English Oak furniture at our workshop and showroom in Kilburn, North Yorkshire. We have employed SMSE since 1999 to assist with the on-going Health and Safety issues connected with our business. They have been of tremendous help over the years overseeing all Health and Safety in our workshop, showroom, visitor centre and café. We have had assistance from the late Tony Marsden and more recently Philip Marsden.  Their detailed knowledge and “feet on the ground” approach to risk assessments, noise assessments, dust control and manual handling has been invaluable.  They have also assisted on larger more complex issues working off-site on contracts, such as the prestigious Rothschild Bank in London. We look forward to working together for many years to come!

- Robert Thompson’s Craftsman Ltd – The Mouseman of Kilburn
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