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Health and Safety Consultants Manchester

If you are wondering why health and safety is important in the workplace, this could be because you are unaware of the many hazards littered around your own workplace. Unfortunately, many health and safety issues at work can long go undetected and, as a result, put employees at risk.

Some health & safety risks might not come to your attention until it is too late – for example, when a regulator or local authority prosecutes you for legally dubious health & safety policies or you are hit with employee claims for compensation due to illness or injury.

For businesses based in Manchester and the wider Greater Manchester area, including places like Bolton, Oldham and Salford, we have health and safety consultants who can help business owners to ensure business compliance with all of the relevant UK health and safety legislation.


Health and Safety Policy Preparation

How are you going to ensure competent health and safety management in your business? That’s a question your business can address by writing a health and safety policy document, which your business is legally required to have if you employ at least five members of staff.

While the same requirement does not apply if you employ fewer than five people, you could still benefit immensely from having a written policy. As an employer, you are still required to protect employee wellbeing under both criminal and civil law – and our safety advisors are experienced in writing health and safety policies for guiding companies of any size.

Where a written health and safety policy document is legally compulsory, it must comprise a statement of intent, explain exactly who is responsible for handling what aspects of the policy and detail the arrangements – that is, what you will do in practice to safeguard employee wellbeing.


Risk Assessments

We can resolve various headaches for employers struggling with their legal responsibilities, as per the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, to carry out risk assessments.

If you are an employer or are self-employed, you must assess health and safety risks posed to workers and any other people – like customers and clients – due to your business. Fortunately, for employers and self-employed people based in or close to Manchester, we can undertake risk assessments and help these clients to do so themselves.

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Health and Safety Consultants Manchester

Health and Safety Audits

Even if you know where your business needs to be with its health and safety management, how can you discern how close or far your company already is from this goal? You can arrange for a health & safety consultant from our team to complete a health and safety audit at your premises. 

In carrying out health and safety audits, we can help to identify issues that businesses in and around the North West city of Manchester may have previously overlooked. These audits are available on a standalone basis or as part of our health and safety competent person service.


Health and Safety Competent Person Service

As there are more than a hundred health and safety regulations, it would be convenient for your Manchester workplace to have at least one person who has been specially assigned the task of keeping track of this complex web of legislation – and any changes to it you must comply with. 

This person would be known, in our own industry’s parlance, as a health and safety competent person – and we can provide a competent person service for your business. Furthermore, having this kind of person in your team is more than just a good idea – it’s a legal requirement.

With our health and safety competent person service, we can help Manchester businesses in any industry to identify and mitigate health and safety risks in their workplace.


Other Health and Safety Services

How else do we deliver excellence to our clients? If you run a business based in or near Manchester, here’s what we can offer you: a wealth of consultancy services to help you ensure that, on the health and safety front, all bases are covered.

For example, our team of health experts includes food safety consultants who are ready to provide food safety audits and food safety training for such businesses as restaurants and food outlets.

We also offer machine guarding audits and risk assessments for those businesses that own, operate or otherwise have control over work machinery and consequently have particular duties as explained in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1999.

Meanwhile, if your business provides respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to its employees, you must make use of face fit testing – a service we can provide – to demonstrate that this RPE properly fits and protects any of your employees that you intend to wear it.


Health and Safety Training Courses

When it comes to keeping your business compliant with employment law and health & safety regulation, there might be certain aspects where your staff need to update their knowledge. This is why we offer a broad range of training courses for employers to make available to their workers.

These courses cover subjects that could constitute something of a checklist for employers eager to ensure their employees maintain comprehensive health and safety knowledge.

For example, we run courses on matters including asbestos awareness, fire safety awareness and manual handling. Online and in person, your staff can receive instructions from people who are highly experienced with training employees in safety awareness.


Why Choose SMS Europe?

If you are wondering “how much do health and safety consultants charge”, rest assured that we always tailor our health and safety consultancy services to align with the client’s business goals. In other words, you can benefit from a financially streamlined service.

Close at hand, we have health and safety consultants for small businesses, large enterprises and everything in-between throughout Greater Manchester. Our safety experts have more than 25 years of experience under their belts, enabling us to provide the expert guidance you can rely on.

Our experienced experts know how to resolve a wide range of challenges that employers often face when navigating the minefield of health and safety regulations. Therefore, we can immeasurably help you to remove trial and error from the process of keeping your Manchester business compliant.


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If you would like to utilise some expertise from our health and safety consultants for your Manchester business, please get in touch with our in-house experts. You can do so by giving us a call on 0845 224 0028 or dropping us an email via

We also have health and safety consultants who are ready to give advice to businesses based just outside Manchester – such as in Bury, Rochdale, Trafford and Wigan. If your own company is located near Manchester, we invite you to phone or email us for a chat with one of our friendly advisors.