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Here at SMS Europe, we're committed to providing you and your employees with the highest quality health and safety training courses. These online courses we offer are delivered by experts and are the perfect solution for all manner of working environments.


We're an independent provider of health and safety training and consultancy, based in Tadcaster. Our team has years of experience helping businesses across Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, York and Harrogate. If you're looking for online training courses or in-person health and safety training then be sure to get in touch with SMS Europe today by phone on 0845 2240028 or online.

Courses We Offer

Our online health and safety training courses are varied and cover a range of topics because all working risks and safety hazards are different. That’s why it’s important you work with a company that has a suite of courses available which can provide the correct training and a comprehensive understanding of various topics. All of this is done with the goal of empowering your employees and giving them the confidence to maintain high standards of workplace health. Below are some courses that provide a comprehensive overview of their associated workplace risks and offer a range of preventative measures and occupational safety tips to ensure risk is mitigated and the wellbeing of your staff is maintained.


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Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos is deadly and should be rooted out of buildings and offices wherever possible. Asbestos poses a real threat to workplace health. For just £35 per person, this health and safety asbestos awareness course will educate you and your staff on the health risks of asbestos. As well as a general overview, the course will delve deeper into the subject of asbestos. It will teach them how to recognise asbestos, where it might be used and cover ways they can minimise risks as well as the legislation that covers people working with asbestos.

Fire Marshal

Having a fire marshal is a vital part of a business. This person is responsible for carrying out fire risk assessments in a range of working environments, from construction sites to offices to shops. After undergoing this £35 per person course you'll be aware of all the main functions of a fire marshal, these are:

  • Undergoing a fire risk assessment
  • Spotting, reporting on potential hazards and putting control measures in place to prevent them
  • Taking the appropriate action in the event of a fire
  • Administering first aid if needed
  • Putting out a fire if necessary
  • Ensure there are evacuation safety procedures in place

Manual Handling

This awareness course goes into great detail about manual handling. The health and safety course outlines exactly what manual handling is as well as the relevant legislation and regulations that are associated with manual handling tasks like lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving a heavy load. 


The second phase of this £35 health and safety risk assessment course looks at covering safe handling techniques including ways that employees can develop good habits and safety procedures to ensure they do not suffer as a result of consistent manual handling. The course is completed with an introduction to further solutions and mechanical aids that can be used to improve employee safety in the work environment.

Fire Safety Awareness

Having basic fire safety awareness is crucial for almost all employees. Without appropriate training, panic and fear could set in if a fire occurs in the workplace causing confusion and harm if not dealt with properly. This basic fire safety awareness course explains the science behind why fires happen in the workplace, how employees can use control measures to improve workplace safety and prevent fires. If you're looking to introduce fire safety to your employees, then this £25 course is for you. There is also a similar course for people looking to learn about fire safety in care homes which is also £25.

DSE Awareness

Display screen equipment, which is commonly referred to as DSE, is a health and safety course that covers a wide range of equipment. Without proper DSE awareness, the correct setup and effective control measures in place, users can suffer many disorders. The DSE workplace course, for £35, will give you and your staff a complete introduction followed by a comprehensive overview of DSE and the procedures you need to implement to ensure rules are followed.


For £35 this course covers everything you need to know about controlling substances that could be hazardous to the health of your employees. In a work environment, where hazardous substances are being used, it is crucial you have safety management systems in place and the correct work equipment to avoid major accident hazards. 

Other courses

If the above courses are not what you're after we have a range of other workplace courses that will be suitable for you, here are just a few of the other courses we offer:

  • Abrasive Wheels
  • Alcohol Personal Licence Holder
  • Basic Legionella Management
  • Fire Extinguisher Course
  • Lockdown Procedures In Schools
  • Noise Awareness
  • Workplace Health And Safety

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Our Training Courses

Why Is Workplace Safety Training Important?

Workplace safety training is vital. Having a complete introduction to different aspects of workplace safety is important for a safe working environment for all employees. Proper training and online learning empower employees to spot health risks and take actions to prevent it affecting them or their colleagues. Online learning also creates a more harmonious work environment, in our experience. When workers know the risks it allows them to focus on other things, instead of worrying about getting into an accident.

Get In Touch With SMS Europe If You Have Any Questions About Our Online Courses

We have been helping businesses across places like Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford, York and Harrogate for many years now. We think these courses are ideal no matter what industry you're in. If you and your team have any questions about the health and safety training courses or any of the other services that we offer then be sure to get in touch by phone on 0845 2240028 or online.