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Health and Safety training is an important investment for any business. It protects the wellbeing of your employees at work, improves the culture of your workplace and ensures your organisation is fully compliant with laws and regulations. All of these things can boost the performance of your business while helping to avoid costly incidents or, worse, being shut down.

As a business owner, CEO, MD, manager or supervisor, it’s crucial for you to be clued up on Health and Safety. However, it’s equally important for the rest of your staff to be Health and Safety savvy, too. When everybody in your organisation is aware of hazards, risks and the necessary safety measures to avoid these, you greatly reduce the chance of an accident, injury or illness occurring.

If you’re looking for an effective yet efficient Health and Safety training course that’s suitable for all your employees, then IOSH Working Safely is your best bet. At SMS Europe, we run IOSH Working Safely courses in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, making us an ideal and convenient option if you’re based in and around Leeds, York, Bradford and Harrogate.

What Is IOSH Working Safely?

IOSH Working Safely is a one-day training course that covers all the essentials of health and safety in a single programme. It provides delegates with the necessary knowledge, tools and practices in order to enhance their safety, health and wellbeing in a working environment.

In other words, it shows how everyone can make their workplace a safer place through everyday behaviours.

Who Is IOSH Working Safely For?

IOSH Working Safely is relevant to people in all organisations and industries. From upper management to floor-level staff, it’s suited to everyone who can benefit from Health and Safety training.

(Our IOSH Leading Safely course is designed specifically for CEO’s, MD’s, senior managers, directors and executives, while our IOSH Managing Safely course is tailored for managers and supervisors in any sector.)

What Does IOSH Working Safely Cover?

IOSH Working Safely covers all the basics of Health and Safety. The course teaches delegates how to define and identify hazards and risks, as well as how to control them and improve the safety of their workplace through everyday safety measures.

We use a range of recognisable case studies that are applicable to the real world while teaching best practice procedures and incorporating the latest training methods.

What’s more, the course is delivered in a fun, engaging and interactive fashion. Who says health and safety has to be boring?

IOSH Working Safely teaches delegates how to:

  • Define hazard and risk, as well as key terms in health and safety.
  • Identify common hazards, their impact and how to control them.
  • Improve safety performance in the workplace and identify why it’s important to work safely.
  • Identify everyone’s responsibilities in relation to health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace.

Assessment is built into the one-day training course. It consists of a multiple-choice assessment paper and a hazard-spotting exercise.

Upon completion of the course, delegates receive an internationally recognised and respected IOSH Working Safely certificate from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the world’s leading membership organisation for safety and health professionals.

What to Expect From an IOSH Working Safely Course?

As you've probably already read, when you undertake an IOSH Working Safely course, you're going to earn a relevant certificate in a worthwhile awareness course that tests candidates through various different examination techniques. However, what can you expect to be doing during the course? It's important you're aware of exactly what you can expect on day one of this course assessment and training programme.

  • Facts and in-depth use of case study -- This element of the course really anchors it in real life. It ensures delegates can see how legislated responsibilities and following exact requirements & procedures can help to reduce unsafe working environments. Facts and case studies are a great way of providing the raw information and then anchoring that in a relatable real-world scenario.
  • Key points reinforced with easily digestible summaries -- There is a great deal of information across the full range of the course which can at times be overwhelming. Thankfully the course's main points that the expert tutors want to get across will be summarized in small bite-size sentences that can almost be memorised.
  • Checklists and materials provided for future use -- It's all well and good doing a successful completion of a course by a whole organisation for it not then to be applied in a practical setting. The course provides a wide range of documents and checklists that can be used by people back in their workplace. This embeds those vital skills and helps reinforce them in the workplace.
  • Informal quizzes and discussions -- We all learn differently which is we try and apply all different suitable training methods to their fullest extent. This course isn't just sitting in a classroom, there are lots of opportunities to discuss the course in a more informal setting. Many candidates gain a clearer understanding of the course as a whole by getting the opportunity to discuss elements of it with colleagues.
  • Comprehensive final evaluation -- When the time comes to pass the course, candidates can expect a multi-format question paper and a multiple choice hazard spotting exercise. The two-pronged approach to testing means candidates are testing to the fullest extent and ensures delegates get the best possible chance of successful completion.
  • An IOSH Working Safely Certificate -- The icing on the cake. Physical proof that the candidate has completed and passed the full course, showing what a huge asset they are to your business.

What are the Learning Outcomes of an IOSH Working Safely Course?

What can candidates expect to gain (other than a certificate) from doing this course? Too often the outcomes aren't made clear and this can leave people feeling confused and results in them not getting the fullest experience. Yes, you've got the right qualification and have 'done' the course but it's important to know before going in, what you can expect to gain once you're out the other side. So, with that in mind, here is a brief explanation of the learning outcomes of this course:

  • Identify why it is important to work safely -- The workday goes by in such a hurry that people simply don't stop and think about why working safely is important. Completing the course will ensure staff are more vigilant and more aware of the importance of safety.
  • Identify people's responsibilities toward safe working -- If you asked each member of staff what their role is in helping everyone stay safe, you may struggle for an answer. The IOSH Working Safely course will ensure that each member of staff is acutely aware of their role and how it impacts others.
  • Define key terms -- Candidates will be much more familiar with common health & safety key terms, putting them in a more comfortable position to recognise how they can change and alter bad working habits.
  • Identify hazards, risks and how to control them -- There are things people may have been doing that have always been unsafe but no one has ever raised it. A great outcome of this course is that members of staff will be able to expertly identify hazards, both the obvious and the not so obvious
  • Discover ways that health, safety and wellbeing can be improved -- Empower employees to make great improvements to the way they and their colleagues work on a daily basis. Knowledge is power after all and this course will arm employees with the knowledge to improve facets of working life.

What are the Benefits of IOSH Working Safely?

  • Effective - Our course is designed to make a maximum impact. Using summaries and discussions to drive home key points, we provide your delegates with the necessary Health and Safety knowledge and tools.
  • Efficient - IOSH Working Safely covers all the fundamentals of Health and Safety within a single day. This cuts down the amount of time you might have otherwise dedicated to Health and Safety training while allowing you to get right back to work, armed with your newfound knowledge.
  • Engaging - We appreciate that Health and Safety training isn’t always the most exciting of subjects. However, we aim to make things as enjoyable as possible through interactive discussions and informal quizzes. Our Health and Safety trainers have an excellent reputation for delivering courses that are fun, engaging and effective.
  • Practical - At SMS Europe, we don’t turn Health and Safety into hypothetical nonsense. Our IOSH Working Safely course is built upon genuine examples and environments that provide real, practical value. We avoid confusing delegates with complicated jargon. Instead, we translate technical content into layman’s terms so it’s easy to understand and take on board.
  • Flexible - Our course is delivered in a way that suits your business. Simply choose a day that fits around your busy schedule and where you want to do the course. We can deliver the course at your premises or at our venue in Wetherby.

How Can IOSH Working Safely Help Your Business or Organisation?

  • Boost Productivity - Improved safety awareness and behaviours can result in fewer working hours lost to sickness and accidents.
  • Improved Organisation-Wide Safety Awareness - Getting to grips with Health and Safety as a manager or supervisor is one thing, but having all of your employees undergo Health and Safety will introduce a culture of safety awareness throughout your entire organisation.
  • Enhanced Reputation - An added bonus of investing in quality Health and Safety training is that it makes your brand look good within your industry and supply chain.

Why Choose SMS Europe?

At SMS Europe, we offer high-quality and high-impact Health and Safety services and training courses.

With over 25 years of experience, we’re one of the longest-running independent Health and Safety consultants and training providers in the North of England. We’re based in Tadcaster, between Leeds and York, and provide our services across Yorkshire and the UK.

Since our launch in 1993, we’ve developed a reputation as one of the best Health and Safety consultants in Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on providing professional, friendly and bespoke services that add real value to organisations across the public, private and third sectors. Don’t take it from us, though; just take a look at what some of our satisfied clients have to say.

Click here to book an IOSH Working Safely course and see the availability and location of our upcoming courses. If you have any questions or you’d like to know more about our IOSH Working Safely course, get in touch with us on 0845 224 0028 or at

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IOSH Working Safely

Our Trainers

Our highly experienced trainers make our Health and Safety training courses enjoyable. What makes us different is that our Health and Safety trainers are also Health and Safety Consultants. The IOSH Working Safely course is delivered by trainers who are highly experienced Health and Safety Consultants and Chartered Safety and Health and Practitioners (CMIOSH – Chartered Members of IOSH). This experience provides delegates with an exceptional learning experience which is backed up with current Health and Safety experience from real-life situations. This allows the training course to come to life and stimulate a thoroughly useful and enjoyable course.

IOSH Working Safely is a one day course accredited by the Chartered Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. The course is aimed at staff requiring a basic understanding of health and safety topics, and aims to develop their understanding of health and safety to ensure they are working in a safe manner. On completion of the course candidates are awarded a Nationally recognised qualification following successful examination results.

To book onto one of our IOSH Working Safely courses ring 0845 2240028 now or email

In-house IOSH Working Safely courses

If your company has a number of delegates you would like to send on IOSH Working Safely we can organise an in-house course. Our trainer will come to your premises and deliver IOSH Working Safely in the comfort of your own surroundings. This can produce significant cost savings for larger numbers. For more information, or to book a course please contact us on 0845 224 0028.