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What is a health and safety audit?

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A health and safety audit is a process that helps ensure your business or organisation is in accordance with regulatory health and safety regulations while also evaluating how well you follow certain processes and the overall performance of your business.

It is essentially a professional evaluation of a company's overall health and safety policies, systems, and procedures. It entails determining whether current procedures and systems are correct and delivering the expected results, as well as whether the organisation is protecting the workforce's well-being and complying with relevant regulations. Regular health and safety audits are commonly recognised as best practice in all kinds of businesses. They are proven to be very beneficial and can leave a positive impact on businesses. 

An audit that is carried out professionally could even protect your company’s overall presence and existence as a serious incident or disaster occurring within your workplace would ultimately result in prosecutions and severe reputational damage. A serious incident would also see you face financial penalties which could see your business crash and fail to succeed.
A Health and Safety Audit may be required if you want to know where your company stands in terms of health and safety management. At SMS Europe, a Health and Safety Audit can be carried out by one of our health and safety consultants who will help identify the health and safety issues within your organisation and act as a starting point for developing your health and safety management system. Just visit our health and safety audit page for more information.