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Health and Safety Consultancy and Advice

Health and Safety Consultancy

SMS Europe offer both realistic and competitive health and safety consultancy solutions to assist your organisation. From Health and Safety audits to advice, bespoke Health and Safety reports to risk assessments and training. We deliver health and safety expertise and advice, guidance and professionalism as consultants, and we work together with you at all times ensuring that you truly benefit from our team of highly qualified & expert health and safety consultants. Our Health and Safety consultants have many years of practical safety consultancy experience in a wide variety of sectors across the UK.

Our consultancy team have Health and Safety experience in engineering, retail, construction, manufacturing warehousing, civil engineering, offices and technology, further education, aviation and a whole range of other sectors.

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Health and Safety Consultancy and Advice

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Health and Safety Engineering
Our consultancy works with many engineering firms carrying out risk assessments, audits and training. We have an in depth knowledge of the Health and Safety requirements of engineering machinery including lathes, drilling machines, guillotines, presses, CNC milling machines…the list goes on. If you need assistance in carrying out risk assessments on your engineering machinery or would like an audit of your engineering workshop, we can do this for you.

Health and Safety Construction
Construction has it particular Health and Safety issues, but SMSE Health and Safety Consultants are CDM experts and can assist with producing method statements and risk assessments (RAMS), writing Construction Phase Plans, Provide CDM Coordinator Service, or carryout construction site safety inspections.

Health and Safety Retail
Some of our Consultants have a thorough knowledge of retail and Health and Safety issues within retail. If you have retail premises or a retail business we can implement your Health and Safety Management systems and ensure that it focuses on relevant Health and Safety issues.

Health and Safety in Manufacturing
We have extensive knowledge and experience in production and manufacturing Health and Safety. From furniture manufacturing, to windows and conservatories, but also Health and Safety in food manufacturing plants. We provide on-going consultancy services to a number of clients, but we can also provide audits on production machinery, including audits on guarding to meet BSEN ISO 13857:2008 and related standards. For more information on Machinery safety audits, please see our audit section.

Health and Safety in Offices
Office environments need Health and Safety management, and we assist a range of clients to manage Health and Safety in their offices. This includes acting as their competent person, but also wiring their policies, carrying out Display Screen Equipment Assessments, providing Display Screen Equipment Training, assisting with Stress Assessments and Audits, and managing driving at work.

Health and Safety in Warehousing
A lot of business have some king of warehousing. At Safety management Services, we have been looking after the health and Safety aspects of our clients warehouses since our conception. Health and Safety in warehousing may be related to Workplace Transport, the use of Fork Lift Trucks, Steps, ladders and other access equipment. We can carry out risk assessments for warehouse activities, and advise on matters such as racking and mezzanine safety issues.

Health and Safety in the Healthcare Sector and Care homes
Health and Safety in Care Homes and the Health Care sector has to correct, not only for the safety of staff and residents or patients but also to the standards of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Safety Management Services have been providing Health and Safety to Care Homes and Hospices for a numbers of years and have the experience to ensure that your Health and Safety system is up to date, relevant and audited regularly. We can also align you policy to the Care Standards on Health and Safety. If you need a competent person to ensure that you meet your legal and local authority requirements, Safety Management Services will be able to assist you.

We would be happy to have an informal discussion regarding your Health and Safety Advice requirements.

Chartered Safety and Health Practitioners

Our Health and safety consultants are chartered members of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health CMIOSH and registered on the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OCSHR).

SMS Europe Ltd health and safety consultants assist a wide variety of organisations with their health and safety consultancy, fire safety and noise assessment compliance issues and we can help you too. Our safety consultants work with all sizes of businesses from the self-employed, through to micro businesses, SME’s and blue-chip companies.

Safety Management Services are health and safety consultants that specialise in supporting businesses who require on-going or adhoc health and safety advice working alongside their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Health and Safety Regulations?

The main bulk of Health and Safety regulations in the UK are brought under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act which was introduced into law by parliament in 1974. The purpose of it is to protect everyone who works in any sort of environment, from offices to construction sites. The Health and Safety at Work Act et 1974 (HASAWA) covers a broad range of general health and safety hazards that are found in the workplace. The HASAWA is supported by other subordinate regulations that cover risks such as lead, pressure equipment, noise, hazardous substances, and asbestos.

How Should I Undertake a Risk Assessment?

There really is no right or wrong way to do a health and safety risk assessment, but all risk assessments must be suitable and sufficient. Risk assessments can be quantitative or qualitative. You can always do more assessment, of course, but the main thing is going into it with an open mind and being prepared to continuously expand on it. Simply look at your place of work and identify the significant dangers and look at how you can implement control measures to mitigate the risk they pose. The key things with a risk assessment process are to ensure everyone involved knows the changes so they can follow them.

Why Should I Manage Health and Safety?

Managing health and safety in your business makes just as much economic sense as it does moral and legal sense. If an accident was to occur there is only a slim chance that an insurance company would pay out, and insurance will not cover all the costs of an accident anyway, so it makes sense that you have proper plans and procedures in place to mitigate the risk posed by things. There are lots of costs associated with accidents that aren't covered by insurance policies like loss of production, workers not being paid, legal costs and fines imposed by regulatory bodies. 

What Are The Main Things Covered By Health and Safety Legislation?

There are several main duties that are covered by the legislation. They include providing safe equipment and appropriate ways of working for employees, known as safe systems of work, ensuring hazardous materials are handled, stored and transported safely, making sure people have adequate training to carry out their job and keeping people who are visiting away from machinery or practises that could harm them.

What Are My Health And Safety Responsibilities As An Employer?

It's essential that, as an employer, you're adhering to certain legal responsibilities. Both the individual and the business can be prosecuted if a health and safety offence occurs with penalties that range from a fine to imprisonment. The main duties of an employer are enshrined in Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.