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Online Fire Safety Awareness Course

No matter what environment you and your staff operate in, fire is a danger. This risk to a business not having a good level of fire safety training is just too great. That risk is why you should consider signing up to this online fire safety course. For just £25 per person, you can expect to learn all the basics about fire prevention, fire risk assessment and how to ensure the health and safety of all employees.

Why Is Fire Safety Important?

Fire safety and this online fire safety course are important because, in the event of a fire, you want to know that your team can act sensibly and either put the fire out using the correct fire extinguisher or take the appropriate actions to ensure they can safely leave the building and go to a given location. 

A good standard of fire safety can leave you to focus on other things in your business knowing that all your staff are trained and can look after themselves. Also, by offering this fire safety course you show potential new employees that you're a business that takes fire training and the general health of them seriously.

What This Course Covers?

This course, while basic in name, covers a good amount of fire safety topics from the relevant legislation to practical training that ensures employees have a well rounded, holistic approach to fire awareness.

The course covers:

  • Why fires occur - This training course section explains the common causes of fires and the risks that are posed in any given work environment.
  • How to prevent them - The ideal scenario for all businesses is to avoid fires completely. This section of the training course will outline ways that employees can mitigate risks and put in place measures to prevent themselves and their colleagues from causing fires.
  • The actions you need to take to put them out - Spotting a fire and having fire awareness is all well and good but knowing what to do next is vital. This section of the online course will outline what an individual employee must do when they spot a fire in their workplace. 

Interested? Purchase This Online Fire Safety Awareness Course Today

If you're a business owner or head of a team and want to educate employees on fire awareness in a working environment then be sure to purchase this course today. Alternatively, if you have any questions about fire safety or the other online courses that we offer here at SMS Europe, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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Online Fire Safety Awareness Course