View Feedback from our September 2011 Managing Safely Course

‘The mix of training approaches was very successful. I am a professional trainer and am usually quite critical of formal courses; Andy had an excellent style of presentation with energy and clarity throughout which really helped to keep me focussed. Andy brought the workbook alive and I learned more from face to face discussions than anticipated. Very well worth coming and much more enjoyable than I expected. Andy is an outstanding trainer; he makes it very easy for people to learn. In 30 years of training I have rarely come across someone so skilled.’
R Van Riel, Managing Director, Opening the Book Ltd

‘The food was excellent and I enjoyed the relaxed instructor and how he got the course across to us.’
A Nicholls, Staff Development Officer, Yorkshire Ambulance Service

‘I would definately recommend this course to other people.’
J Mathews, Service Delivery Manager, Mitrefinch Ltd

‘The level of the course was just right.’
J Pilling, Business Systems Manager, Vencomatic UK Ltd

‘ The course was well planned. Good to have a mix of people from different professions, this made group discussions more interesting.’
C Cooper, Business Manager, Opening the Book Ltd

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