View Feedback from our October 2010 Managing Safely Course:

“Very good course, very well presented, thank you Andy

“I thought the course instructor was exceptional, he made it interesting and even fun at times. Thank you Andy, I really enjoyed it
D Thacker, Community Services, HBC

“One of the best courses I have been on. Andy was really good and made the course interesting
A Lloyd, Community Services, HBC

“Andy was an excellent tutor with the right balance of Health and Safety and humour
S Mcgarry, HBC

“Really enjoyed the course, excellent tutor and well presented, pace was just right
J Dodson, Development Services, HBC

“Health and Safety can often be refered to as the least interesting; in this instance this is definately not the case
N Thompson, Development Services, HBC

“I think this is an excellent course; one of the best I have been on. Andy was excellent in making the course interesting and fun at the same time as teaching us what we needed to know
A Hare, HBC

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