View Feedback from our March/April 2014 IOSH Managing Safely Course for Harrogate Borough Council

“One of the better courses on Risk Assessment / Managing Safely that I have attended.”
V. Cook – Maintenance Surveyor – Compliance

“Excellent course.  It never got too boring or tedious in spite of some of the subject matter.”
D. Wallace – Surveyor

“Thought it would be a dull course because of the subject, but it was made informative and fun by the trainer.”
S. Bore – Duty Manager

“Great course.  Very well explained.”
J. Robinson – Emergency Planning & Business Continuity Officer

“The presentation of the course was excellent and held attention very well.”
D. Wiggle – Senior Maintenance Surveyor

“Excellent course.  The level of the course was just right throughout.”
M. Woodhouse – Surveyor

“An enjoyable course.  Good participation from all made it more interesting.”
K. Stewart – Operations Support Officer

“Excellent course.   Plenty of opportunity for discussion. Presented in a very accessible and interesting way by the trainer, with a good amount of useful supplementary information.”
S. Hobbs – Operations Manager (Client)

“It has been the best course that I have attended for a long time.  The trainer kept me interested and engaged in the subject. It was varied and interesting and has given me in depth knowledge and understanding of Managing Health and Safety.”
J. Love – Technical Officer (Parks & Playgrounds)
“Excellent course.”
M Middleton – Technical Officer (Parks)

“Excellent course that I would definitely recommend to others.”
C. Thompson – Maintenance Surveyor H.B.C.

“The trainer was very positive with the group, never making light of people’s suggestions.  He kept the course moving and interesting, answering many questions and allowed time for debate.”
S. Wood – Horticultural Officer

“A well-presented course.”
A. Wight – Team Leader Facilities

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