View Feedback from our February 2011 Managing Safely Course

‘The course tutor did an excellent job, the tutor made sure that even the quieter people made their opinions count. A really enjoyable course, although I suspect our course tutor had a lot to do with that! Excellent course, well done!’
J Exley, Senior Controls Engineer, Lambert Ltd, Tadcaster.

‘The trainer made the course interesting, I would like to learn more!’
R Jewitt, Electrical Chargehand, Lambert Ltd, Tadcaster.

‘The course was interactive and enjoyable, it’s much more easier to take in information when it’s fun and relaxed’
C Rafferty, Accounts Clerk, Lambert Ltd, Tadcaster.

‘I enjoyed the mental stimulation from an excellent tutor’
J Sharpe, CNC Operator, Lambert Ltd, Tadcaster.

‘The course is very interactive’
C Russell, Turner, Lambert Ltd, Tadcaster.

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