View Feedback from our February 2010 Course:

“Good introduction, friendly atmosphere and excellent tutor”
M Hemmens, Technical Manager, Lambert Engineering Ltd

“The animations and videos gave a clear understanding of managing safely. These were enjoyable and made it interesting. Everything was enjoyable.”
M Hargreaves, Project Manager, Lambert Engineering Ltd

“I enjoyed meeting different people from all areas of life. We had a variety of lunches.”
M Mabbot, Manager, vision Alert Ltd.

“All the course was good. The food was excellent.”
C. Storey, Contract Manager, Sitexorbis Ltd.

“The group discussions brought to light any myths people have encountered. I’ve been on a few courses, but the content and delivery on this course is the best I’ve seen.”
R. Williams, Health and Safety Officer, Lambert Engineering Ltd.

“Food great, especially the buffet on day four!”
M. Watson, Engineering Partner, Mayfair Security Ltd.

“Learnt a lot, dispelled a few myths and opened a few doors, lunch was good!”
L Moore, Partner, Tockwith Training Ltd.

“Good content, well presented.”
J Carter, Manager, Mayfair Security Ltd.

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