View Feedback from our August 2012 Managing Safely Course for William Cook Cast Products Ltd, Leeds

‘The trainer was very informative and thorough, kept all the course interesting. An excellent and informative course, the trainer kept everyone involved and interested’
S. Singleton, Supervisor

‘The course made you concentrate, it was well presented and not boring!’
R. Jones, Finishing Shop Manager

‘Andy made the course interesting and light hearted enough for me to absorb as much as I could. Andy also answered my questions brilliantly’
N. Hurst, Patternshop Manager

‘I enjoyed the energy that the trainer had. Really enjoyed the course and the help that was offered; all questions were answered with good clear answers. Great course, thank you very much!
J. Austerfield, Health and Safety Officer

‘I enjoyed learning new aspects of Health and Safety law and environmental requirements; I would definately recommend this course’
M. Moore, Seal Shop Manager

‘The class involvement was great, not the same people answering all the questions’
M. Banks, Supervisor

‘I enjoyed expanding my knowledge in a reasonably easy way and the trainer was excellent’
Craig Sheridon, Site Supervisor

‘I would definately recommend this course’
A. Ross, Machine Shop Manager

‘I enjoyed the chance to interact with other people within the group’
N. Worton, NDT Manager

‘The trainer was excellent at presenting the course’
J. Townsend, Pattern Manager

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