View Feedback from our April 2011 Managing Safely Course

‘I would definately recommend this course’
E Souter, Estates Administrator, NRM, York.

‘The course was made more enjoyable by the trainer. He has an extensive knowledge and an energetic teaching style’
E Merrick, Training Advisor, Igen Ltd, Leeds.

‘The tutor was enthusiastic about the subject, had great knowledge and gave excellent advice’
N Collett, Projects Officer, NRM, York.

‘Really Enjoyed the course. Andy made it fun and interesting and kept our attention. He was very attentive to our needs.’
S Spurr, Visitor Experience Operations Manager, NRM, York.

‘The training facilities were excellent’
S Roe, Security/Learner Support, Igen Ltd, Leeds.

‘I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere’
G O’Mahony, Estates Manager, NRM, York.

‘I was impressed that four days Health and Safety training could be interesting and hold my attention! I think the group size of nine worked well and the interactive tasks resulted in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere’
G Platt, Duty Manager, NMSI, York.

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